Pakora and Pancakes

Well done Mary Clear and the incredible team, why am I not surprised that she was fleet of foot in arranging for the amazing Pakora and Pancakes fundraiser and fun event on Shrove Tuesday. Great music, wonderful cooking, amazing collaboration great atmosphere and a whopping £1,300 raised to support the work of The Red Cross

How this started

Welcome to our Blog page!

And this is my first ever blog.

Jan Lymer – founder, Calder Community Cares

I thought life was strange and stressful enough when we left the EU and Covid landed in our laps – but here we are 2 years later, trying to put all that exhaustion, stress and worry about the vulnerable elderly and isolated folk we first started to take care of to one side whilst we ask the question, how do we step up and do our bit to support our friends in Ukraine?

My good friend Steven Griffiths was not really surprised 2 years ago when I rang him up and asked: “How quickly can you get me a website, facebook page and a well-structured database management system put together?” “How long are you going to give me” was his countered answer, so 8 days later we were up and running and now we support over 450 people with a team of over 260 volunteers doing a wide range of activities for our community.

I rang him on the third day of the invasion, and here we are three days later pulling another website together, and building the ‘back end’ of the site so we can build on this as the situation changes and we try to make links between the folk of our valley and people in Ukraine – I think the lad’s starting to get the hang of not answering this phone if he sees that it’s me on the line.

So please bear with us as we develop ideas, flex and change our approach (in particular as we learn how to make this site work for the folk of Ukraine who wants to use it).

Jan Lymer