Who we are

Over the last two years, Calder Community Cares has been harnessing the kindness of volunteers in supporting our local community. While talking with the founders of Porcus, one of whom is from Ukraine, it was decided to seek ways to extend that kindness to our neighbours in Ukraine.

Not only is that sovereign nation suffering a shocking invasion, but families are suffering the pain of separation (women and children evacuating as men between the ages of 18 and 60 stay behind to fight), the elderly in the population are remaining behind. Our contacts in two of the major cities of Ukraine report that fear and isolation is a dominant experience particularly for those vulnerable civilians left behind. Days to come may well bring increasing practical challenges of accessing basic needs and facilities.

We are intending to:

  • Collaborate with established UK and International Agencies already familiar with the cultural, social and linguistic needs of the Ukrainian community
  • Support and promote the work of individual groups in our area who intend to raise much needed funds for Ukraine, or deliver essential supplies and undertake other acts of kindness that will impact on the lives of our friends abroad
  • Generate caring actions that are beneficial today but will allow us to look at what may be needed tomorrow and into the future
  • Develop the personal connections and support of our existing Ukrainian friends and contacts, to enable exchange of information both in the Upper Calder Valley and in Ukraine
  • Develop a site that is accessible and useful to both community and Ukrainian residents

In the meantime, Calder Community Cares is considering additional ways of particularly addressing the pressing difficulties of fear and isolation. Significant factors such as language barriers, technological communications, security issues, and cultural relevance will be considered carefully. We are aiming to build on what we have offered in our valley initially through fundraising channeled to the DEC appeal but keeping our options open to other forms of assistance as the situation changes. Most significantly we will be finding practical ways of offering care and kindness.

Please get involved NOW- do what you can- bake and sell cakes, and if you are able please donate to the major appeal launched by the DEC by clicking their logo below:

“Kindness is our currency and it is a currency that Calderdale hold in abundance”