Why we’re helping

Calder Community Cares

Because we Care and because we should…

Calder Community Cares came into being as a direct Covid response and we wanted to support the people of the Upper Calder Valley. We knew when we did this that it was going to be a marathon and not a sprint. But what we didn’t know, is how much help people really needed, or how truly scared (at the time) they were, or what new skills and resilience we would need to acquire, or even how and where to ask for help and what our structures should look like to keep the people we support safe, our volunteers safe and ourselves safe.

Jan Lymer – founder
Calder Community Cares

The situation in Ukraine is devastating, urgent and fast moving. We stand in solidarity with Ukrainian people and those in Belarus and Russia who are against the war. This war is not in their name.

We have seen that the Ukraine people are fierce and determined but If Ukraine falls, we can all guess what the puppet government is likely to impose, civic leaders, journalists, minority groups, particularly LGBTQ+ community will be attacked, imprisoned, and harmed.

What can we actually do to support Ukraine?

Harnessing kindness… That’s what we are good at, and that’s what we should do now:

  • Raise Lots of Money- bucket shaking, promoting events that others are running, provide information on what online donation funds are doing and how they help
  • Networking- reach out to our friends in Ukraine and make sure they know that we are listening to them, let them know that we are doing, and try to create some sense of international community for them
  • Support other organisations actions and share as many events and activities with other in the Upper Calder Valley, to reduce duplication and increase the impact of our collective efforts
  • And finally, keep listening, keep learning and keep asking the right questions

“Calder Community Cares – kindness is our currency, and it is a currency our communities hold in abundance- lets deploy that kindness to support our friends in Ukraine”


Like so many women from my part of the world, my name is Nat. I was born into a family of athletes and teachers with our DNA firmly from the nations that once called itself The Soviet Union. I am Russian spoken but I have only ever related to being Ukrainian. I love my country, for it is a bountiful land with a history of placid resistance to aggression. Our flag denotes the deep blue sky of the summer sun and the yellow of the fertile wheat fields below – no references to empire or imperialism to be found.

SJ & Nat
founders, Porcus

I have not lived in Ukraine for over 20 years, but have returned there regularly to catch up with friends and family. In truth I now consider the UK to be my home, but that does not mean that Ukraine is far from my soul. It made me who I am.

What has happened over the last few days has shocked the world. Not because one man feels he has almost divine power and a bypass of humanity – no, we’ve seen that many times before – but that in 2022 one sovereign nation considers it justifiable to invade another and that human lives are just collateral damage.

Help is needed now. Help for those who have neither the finances nor stamina to leave. For those who will not leave others behind or for those who simply can not bare to abandon the land they call home.


This is part of the mantra that made our journey with Porcus become real. Porcus is our business, but it has also become who we are. Starting afresh, away from what we’d trained for, is what drove us on to push beyond what we knew, and what we thought was the limits of what we were capable of. Amidst all this – one thing became very clear – Caring for everything ,even the smallest detail, beyond ourselves, is what sets us aside from those who see things only for their own gain.

Life should revolve around caring. Around small details, that make bigger, kinder worlds. Caring for the more vulnerable. For the less able to protect themselves, and for those who find themselves stuck in a place they have little influence over or ability to change…

War is up there with one of the worst of those things.

We are at that point with the future of Ukraine.